Your Pets Need Insurance Too!

Pet Insurance It sounds like just another way for insurance companies to make money, but to a dog or cat owner it may be one of the best policies available.  While you […]

Important Hurricane Season Information

It’s the time of the year when the tropics start getting busy! And not just because of vacationers taking advantage of the beauty of the island breezes. Hurricane season is […]

Do You Need Renters Insurance?

About a year ago, the unthinkable happened. Our employee (we will call her Jane) has a brother (we will call him Joe) and Joe’s apartment burned down to the ground. […]

What You Need to Know About Flood Insurance

Just because you haven’t experienced flooding in your home/neighborhood/town yet, it doesn’t mean that it can’t, or won’t, happen. With such unpredictable changes in weather patterns over the past few years many people previously […]

College Students Need Insurance Too

Summer’s already winding down (how did THAT happen?!) and twenty-one million kids are getting ready to go back to college campuses around the country. Some are heading there for the […]

Cyber Threats & Mobile Devices

For many people smartphones and tablets have become an essential part of our working and personal lives.  Thanks to innovative companies like Apple, Android and Samsung (to name a few – […]

Home Based Business Insurance Needs

The “American Dream”. Everyone has a unique perspective on what that actually is, but most seem to agree it has to do with owning a house, owning a business, being prosperous, […]

Workers Compensation Clarification

Workers Compensation Confusion Many people have questions regarding Workers Compensation policies and out of state employees. The New York Workers Compensation Board (NYWCB) has “clarified” that: Out-of-state employees (excluding those […]

Happy National Pet Fire Safety Day

National Pet Fire Safety Day. Man, that’s super specific. Not just Pet Safety, but Pet FIRE Safety. Do we even need a day like this, you ask? Well, apparently it’s […]